At A-plus we enjoy a diverse population:
• Mainstream Americans
• African Americans
• Latino Americans
• Alaskan & American Natives
• Asian Americans
•All other Americans.

Therapy Types:

• CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral),
• DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy),
• EMDR (Certification in Progress),
• Eclectic,
• Interpersonal,
• Mindfulness-Based,
• Multicultural,
• Positive Psychology Based Counseling,
• Spiritual Based Counseling,
• Strength Based Counseling,
• Needs Based Counseling,
• Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT),
• Seeking Safety,
• Motivational Interviewing,

A-Plus is in two states: Nevada, & Wyoming.
Teletherapy and in-office therapy are available in Nevada
In the state of Wyoming only Teletherapy is available.